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Epping is commonly touted as a peaceful suburb that resides in the lap of nature. It is privy to some top-tier schools with a neighbourhood that is highly desirable and it is one of the most well-connected suburbs in Melbourne. It should go without saying that Epping would also be privy to some of the most well-kept and maintained suburban housing units in Melbourne. But no suburb of Melbourne can escape the ever-changing weather conditions and the rising incidences of pests and their nocturnal home invasions. Fortunately, it is not necessary for you to be boarded up in your house and not enjoy the outdoor regions of your home. All you have to do is employ efficient window and outdoor coverage solutions.

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When it comes to blinds, Epping has a growing need with the number of offices and workplaces showing a staggering rise after the Urban Renewal project. Both offices and homes have increased their efforts to combat the weather and keep their areas cosy and comfortable all year round. This is evident by the increased number of blinds in establishments such as restaurants, gyms, and salons. The requirement lies in providing an affordable yet durable type of blind which can be found right here at Koala Blinds. Whether you are looking for Venetian blinds to spruce up your decor or if you’re looking for vertical blinds to give your office a warm stream of light, we have all you need and more.

Curtains Epping

When we’re talking about curtains, Epping has the best style of homes to flaunt the best styles of curtains. There are a wide variety of curtains that are available in the market but you are unlikely to find one that is cheap and still boasts of high quality. You will either find good quality curtains that don’t fade after a couple of washes at an exorbitant price or you will find mediocre curtains that are prone to speedy wear and tear. Fortunately, Koala Blinds is among the top providers of window coverage solutions and the reason we are at the top is because we have consistently promised and delivered quality materials at an affordable price. We have a large range of curtains that come in a variety of shades and colours so all your decor needs are taken care of.

Curtains Epping
Roller Blinds Epping

Roller Blinds Epping

Roller blinds in Epping are not a relatively new concept. They are an effective way of protecting both the inside and outside regions of your home and they are often quite handy when it comes to protection. But most roller blinds that you find in the market comprise of dull muted colours with little to no variation in shading and opacity. At Koala Blinds we have more than 70 different types of shades for you to choose from. Whether you want a mild bit of light to come through or you want to completely isolate from the outside world, we have just the right roller blinds for you. You can also choose between manually operated roller blinds boasting the Rollease Acmeda RB09 chain drive for better function or you can try out the automated options.

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