At Koala Blinds, we bring you a gorgeous selection of roller blinds, designed to accentuate the appeal of any room. Built to the highest standards and created to offer superior performance, our blinds function smoothly on a range of innovative hardware systems.

Equipped with the latest features like the Rollease Acmeda RB09 chain drive., the blinds can be operated conveniently and are highly versatile. We have blinds in a choice of styles to suit any space and available in a selection of patterns and sizes. Whether you are looking for roller blinds in Melbourne or have some other requirement, we have your needs covered. Browse through our range today.

The colours indicated below are only meant to give you an idea. There are variations in actual shades based on the lighting conditions. If you want to check out the exact colours, you will have to view the original swatches. Colour variations may also occur in different production batches.

Outdoor Roller Blinds in Melbourne

External window roller blinds have become somewhat of a necessity in Melbourne due to the constantly changing weather with extreme heat and showers necessitating some form of protection for your home. This is not surprising for the state which experiences 4 seasons in one day. These roller blinds have also become increasingly popular due to the effect they have on enhancing the visual aesthetic of a home. Whether indoor or outdoors, the roller blinds can really spruce up the decor of a home. Outdoor roller blinds are gradually increasing in popularity especially with suburban homes. There are many reasons for this:

  • Protection For Outdoor Spaces: Any space that is outdoors will always have a problem when it comes to natural elements. Your porch or patio can be drenched by torrential rain or scorched and burned by the blazing sun. These problems usually end up preventing people from spending time on the outdoor portion of their property and they either spend large amounts of money on upkeep or they ignore the external furnishings entirely. Outdoor blinds can help secure these spaces by keeping them protected from harsh sunlight or heavy rain.
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  • No More Intruders: A constant gripe with outdoor spaces is the ever-present danger of insects and other pests making their way to the space and eventually into your home. It’s all the worse when larger creatures like snakes decide to make their presence known. This restricts most people to the indoors and ends up wasting a lot of usable space. This is probably why when it comes to outdoor blinds, Melbourne faces a high demand as they can effectively keep pests out while allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without any fear.
  • Energy Saving: As mentioned, Melbourne has a wildly erratic climate with unexpected showers and heatwaves constantly around the corner. This has become a crucial factor when it comes to extremely high usage of artificial heating and cooling. If your energy bills are skyrocketing then you aren’t protecting your home in the most efficient way. Our range of blinds can block out harmful rays from the sun no matter the time of day and they are durable enough to stand strong against the heaviest of rains. This in turn keeps your house cool in the summers and warm in the winters, allowing your home to be cozy all year round.
  • Increases Space: The primary benefit that comes from outdoor blinds is that it practically creates a new room in your house without costing even remotely close to a renovation or extension. With outdoor blinds you can essentially create a partition between the outside world and your outdoor seating area at the click of a button. The blinds are thick and durable so they also block a fair amount of sound and if you go for black-out solutions then you are looking at added privacy as well.

Koala Blinds have a wide variety of outdoor blinds both for your windows and outdoor seating areas. You can choose from an extensive range of colour options that would fit best with your home decor. We have a 7-day blind installation guarantee when it comes to roller blinds. If you’re looking for cheap roller blinds in Melbourne then look no further than Koala Blinds.

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