Blinds in Sunbury

Sunbury is a growing city with a gradual and steady urban agglomeration. This is why it is host to a large number of suburban housing units and upcoming commercial establishments. This makes Sunbury a location that has a constant demand for housing decor and window coverage solutions. Being close to Melbourne also makes Sunbury a spot with a radical number of climate variances which in turn are a problem for any open housing and the outdoor regions thereof. There are many options to protect your entire home from these elements.


When it comes to blinds, Sunbury is showing a great deal of enthusiasm and for good reason. The city is privy to a large amount of suburban housing which is only growing in number by the day and these homes require protection against outdoor elements. Whether it is a gym, a spa, a salon, or an office, commercial establishments too have shown a growing need for blinds to help lower their dependency on the thermostat and keeping their bills low. Luckily, Sunbury has a window coverage partner they can rely on and that is Koala Blinds. You can go for Roman Blinds which can upscale the decor of any room or you can go for vertical blinds which give any corporate setting a professional look.

Curtains in Sunbury

When speaking of curtains, Sunbury is in dire need. There aren’t many high-profile decor stores in the city and the ones that are present are not exactly pocket-friendly. What’s more, these expensive curtains are unlikely to provide any long-term use as they are highly delicate and require a great deal of care and maintenance. This leaves customers with an expensive yet short-term option. Koala Blinds noticed this gap in the market and decided to give Sunbury an option they can rely on when it comes to quality and price. We have a comprehensive range of curtains that perform outstandingly in both function and design. Our curtains are highly durable and will not experience any colour fading years after you have made your purchase.

windows shutters

Plantation Shutters in Sunbury

When it comes to plantation shutters, Sunbury may be more familiar with the concept than larger metropolitan areas. This is because many homes in Sunbury flaunt a more Victorian-era decor with furnishing going for a retro charm rather than modern minimalism. This makes a Sunbury home ideal for placing plantation shutters as they fit in perfectly and effortlessly with the decor of that style. The only con with plantation shutters is that they are highly expensive when it comes to purchase and subsequent maintenance. If you buy wooden shutters then you are likely to see traces of moisture, cracks, and peels over time. If you go for aluminium shutters then there is a strong chance of warping under high heat. Koala Blinds makes plantation shutters made out of PVC which is heat resistant and scratch resistant. They also last longer but cost significantly less than wooden shutters. If you have your mind set on wooden shutters then we have basswood shutters that are more durable and provide the same aesthetic value as timber shutters but with improved functionality.

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