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At Koala Blinds, we bring you the finest selection of plantation shutters in an assortment of styles and designs to adorn spaces in utmost style. We are home to high-quality timber style shutters that are crafted to flawlessly merge into any setting. The shutters do not warp or peel and make the perfect option for spaces like the kitchen or bathroom.

If you are looking for innovative options, you can even check out the basswood shutters that we have. The shutters can be painted to suit any interior style and we have amazing options to elevate the appeal of any setting. You also have the flexibility to design the panels and control bars just the way you envisioned.

The colours displayed below just offer an idea and the actual colours may vary slightly. To view actual colours, you need to check out the physical swatches. There may also be colour variation in fabrics in different production batches.

Outdoor Plantation Shutters in Melbourne

Plantation shutters are a highly versatile addition when it comes to window furnishings. While at first it may seem like these shutters are only fit for traditional homes with a decor to match, they can also fit in with colonial homes, Victorian homes, and even modern designs. This is probably why you are seeing more plantation shutters in Melbourne than you have in the country side. These shutters provide an elegant and charming touch to any home interior but the primary reason for most people shying away from this option is the pricing.

Plantation shutters used to be made of either wood or aluminium, both of which are not pocket-friendly options. To make matters worse, shutters made of wood were susceptible to all the problems you’d expect of anything made of wood. They would fade over time, display decade old scratches and chips, and if they were placed in the kitchen or bathroom they would get damaged due to the moisture. To avoid this problem you’d have to go for basswood shutters which come at a premium pricing due to the superior quality of wood. Aluminium shutters had fewer issues than wooden ones but they were susceptible to warping and bending when exposed to a fair amount of heat.

plantation shutters in Melbourne
PVC window shutters

This created a problem wherein people were paying high amounts of money on high quality materials for shutters only to realise they needed a change 5-6 years later making them a poor choice for customers who were looking for inexpensive options. The solution to this problem are PVC window shutters.

PVC window shutters are the new star of interior design. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride which is a plastic polymer that is in high-demand due to its durability and versatility. Shutters made from this material can mimic the aesthetic of any other material while eliminating the time-worn downsides.

There are multiple benefits of owning PVC Plantation Shutters in Melbourne:

  • They do not absorb moisture, rather they repel it. This makes them ideal for holding up to sudden showers and increases in humidity.
  • They are designed not to warp which enables them to face the strong midday sun without any complications
  • They are highly durable so much so that they do not crack or peel when tampered with by house pets or children.
  • They are fairly inexpensive when compared with timber and aluminium shutters
  • They can be styled and coloured in a way which makes them virtually indistinguishable from other more expensive variants.

PVC window shutters provide you with a wallet-friendly option without any compromise on the visual aesthetic of your home. Our shutters are specially designed to deal with the erratic climate faced by Australian’s all year round and they are highly durable and simple to install. If you need plantation shutters in Melbourne then look no further. Koala Blinds has all the outdoor/indoor coverage solutions for both homes and offices. Reach out to us today to know more about our catalogue and prices.


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